Our systematic approach towards positive change involves three major steps: observe, examine, and incubate. Read on to learn more about our general strategy, or peruse our Case Studies to see it applied in the industry.


Our first goal is to determine what works, and what could be improved. This is the brainstorming stage. We identify problems, clearing out anything that impedes the basic work flow. We create a clean slate that promotes a clarity of vision, enabling us to take stock of the situation and chart a plan to success.


We research the problems we identified. We take input from the team and survey the market. We analyze the situation in light of our findings and synthesize solutions for each problem. Here, we aim for tangible results, progress that can be seen and sensed. Our goal is to promote participation and get the whole team working together towards positive change.


We connect with customers and encourage collaboration within the team and with the industry at large. Our goal is to solidify progress and re-build connections. Once these steps are alive and well, positive change in the organization will be both tangible and consistent.

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